12 Soothing Guided Meditations For Pure Holiday Magic!

Are you ready to melt away your stress, instantly relax, & open up to the magic of the holiday season?

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Business - Authentically & Unapologetically YOU

How do you create a sustainable, successful, and fun business that contributes to others and lights you up too? By being unapologetically YOU!

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"Working with Natalie & the Access Bars helped me open up so many doors personally & professionally. From ending a toxic 12 year relationship to changing my relationship with my body, I am happier than I've ever been!"


"The 3 biggest things that have changed working with Natalie & the Access Bars is I now have control over my emotions, NOTHING feels impossible anymore, & I know I can finally change my financial reality."


"Working with Natalie has opened up so much possibility for me. She's supported me in connecting with what drives me & I'm totally approaching business differently, in a way that's fun AND profitable. I grossed over $10,000 in sales in 3 weeks!"


"I went from having a heavy, stressful relationship with my Dad, to being relaxed & stress free with him and the "heavy" feeling gone! Thanks Natalie!"


"Working with Natalie has opened up that I actually KNOW I have the power to change anything & everything in my reality. "

Jennifer J.

"Before working with Natalie I struggled with always feeling stressed with my teenagers & dealing with a lot of fear & shame from my past. That's now GONE, I feel much more empowered in my life!"


"Natalie changed my life. I never thought that I could heal my past relationship with a narcissist and yet I did. I'm also a better mother & co-worker now, both things that I was really struggling with before. I'm so grateful that I found Natalie & not only call her coach, but friend."


"When I met Natalie, I felt broken. I needed a total "makeover" from the inside out of my confidence, self love, and relationships. Working with Natalie, I got that and much more! My relationships are healed, my confidence no longer waivers, and most importantly I love myself. This was something I could never say before."


Natalie B. is a natural born healer, conscious entrepreneur, and magician of energy.

She works with people to create lives and businesses that turn them on, light them up, and contribute to the world.

Her motto is it's time for you to have it all.

She created her first business in 2010, a yoga studio & sold it 8 years later after changing thousands of lives with this.  She has gone onto other entrepreneurial ventures and now works with clients all over the world in the areas of self love, mindset, energy, Consciousness, transformation, and business to be authentically & unapologetically them so they can have all they desire with ease.

She’s impacted thousands of lives directly over the last 11 years, all who have called her & her gift of transforming lives a "god send" and "something they haven't found elsewhere."

Having a background in Kundalini yoga & meditation, Karuna Reiki, Sacred Activations, Psych-K, Theta Healing, Intuitive Energy Work, Transformational Facilitation, & Access Consciousness she uses a blend of tools to empower people who are ready to create what they desire most in their lives and live fully in joy.

Her motto is "You are here to thrive, be fully you, and create a life you love." 


Yes! I want to find out how to get rid of my limiting beliefs and upgrade my energy so I can change anything in my life with ease!