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Welcome to the Access Bars

This energy & mindset technique is one of the most powerful upgrades to personal development that's happened in years.
This light touch technique will release your limiting thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs, help you to release old traumas so you can attract new possibilities and create what you've desired with greater ease. 
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My story

I was a seeker, I had (almost) tried it all and I was giving up hope...


In the summer of 2016 I was at my wit's end. No stranger to personal development, transformation, and healing, I was living my dream life...almost. I owned a yoga studio, living out "my dream," but I deeply struggled with money, love, and couldn't figure out why I wasn't happy.  It felt like I had to "fight" for everything, like daily life was a struggle. That's when the Access Bars came into my life.


I had never heard of the "Bars" and was a bit skeptical.


The stories of transformation I heard seemed too good to be true. But I was so fed up, so I took my first Access Bars class without ever having tried them.


Worst case scenario? Things stayed the same.  Best case? Maybe it all changed...and guess what? IT DID.

In a very short amount of time, I had tripled my income, begin releasing old traumas that had been unknowingly affecting me, and I began the first healthy relationship I had had in years. 

But that wasn't all. I woke up happy. That "struggle" around everything began to fall away. It felt like life began working for me. And I wanted to other people to have this too!!


I began running my clients bars and started seeing what I call miracles on a weekly basis.


I saw my clients' trauma from emotionally abusive narcissistic relationships melt away, businesses that had been stagnant start to thrive, I saw years of emotional baggage release permanently over a handful of sessions...

And this was the beginning. 


The Bars began transforming my clients in a way I had never seen and there wasn't an area of life that didn't become greater with them. 


Money, love, family, business, job, emotional health, the quality of life are just some of what I've seen get greater with everyone's who's bars I've run. 

The Access Bars work on the subconscious level.


This is where your reality is actually being created. When you change your subconscious, you can change anything. 


You have two different options to experience the Access Bars 


  • A 1-1 private session with me. This 60 minute session takes place in New Albany, OH and is the best way to experience it. To schedule your session, CLICK HERE.


  • Come to an Access Bars class. You learn this technique and get your Bars run too! To see when the next class is, CLICK HERE.