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Welcome to The Goddess 

A 1:1 personalized in-person immersion to catalyze, open, evoke, and awaken your greatest possibilities this lifetime as a woman.
Where you bloom into the next space of your evolution as you walk your own unique path.  💕
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What's to expect inside of this personalized curated 1:1 immersion


Step into a destiny that you’ve always desired and you know is within you


This in-person immersion will combine energetics, sound, rebirthing, time travel, blueprint activation and more depending on your unique intention that will open up what you came to the planet for. This will be created in tune with your energetics and your desires of how you wish this container to support you and the future you are birthing. 


Live your life from a complete honoring of YOU & watch MAGIC unfold


Can you imagine if you had began your life from the moment you came out of the womb totally empowered, nurtured, supported in who you TRULY be? We will go back to your time of inception and re-write the energetics to embody this as your reality. There are no words to truly describe what's possible with this.


You've mastered "hard work" & "hustle" and you're ready to live from a softer and more potent space of power to create


It’s not where you’ve been & it’s not what you’ve known. Where you’re going is a different journey than before. One you know you’ve been preparing for.

This doesn’t require more “breakthroughs,” hustle, the grind, or hard work. 

It requires a deep listening, a total embodiment, fierce power with a kindness that can melt anything that's not your absolute greatness.

We will open this for you inside of this space. And you'll continue expanding in it after the experience closes.


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I am not here to teach you.


I am here to awaken you into what you know and what you’ve always desired beyond what can be put into words.


💘 It’s you meeting you. It’s you rising into you. It’s you rooting into you. And you’ve been preparing for it your whole life.  You'll awaken & deepen this inside of here in new & unexpected ways that will expand every area of your life.

💎 Imagine implicitly trusting your body. Imagine feeling safe to be in your total power. Speaking & sharing your gifts with finesse into the world. You walking along the sides of your sisters that have come before you and those who will come after you. 

⭐️ Your path is not meant to be hard, it’s meant to be gifted.

It’s time to un-be everything that’s not you and awaken & claim your lineage and truly be the creatrix of your reality and beyond. 

This is not a “service” I am offering. 

This is an invitation to awaken and step up into a destiny that you’ve always desired and you know is within. 

Life will be before and after this.

If you’ve been looking to fully claim and live in your sovereignty, embrace your unique feminine embodiment, and awaken the secrets/mysteries/gifts you came into this life with, please consider this your very warm invitation to come inside. 

  • This 1-1 immersive experience will be 4 -5 hrs long. This will be a combination of energetics on the body, guided alchemy experiences, some spoken and unspoken guided journeying and a space for questions, integration, and relaxing into it all.  I like to call this "heaven on earth." 

  • We are rushed in our society today and this container will have a space and pace of it’s own that guides both me the facilitator and you the receiver into the flow of what's possible with plenty of space for you to relax into nurtured possibilities.

  • You will choose a date/time that works best for you. There will be a short questionnaire to answer & email back before your time of arrival so I may best support you. This will immersion will be in New Albany, Ohio.

  • This is NOT a one size fits all. This is creatively curated to you, & what you’re desiring on all levels.

Is this making you tingle with a YES? Here are your options... 


❤️ Option 1: Immersion with 1 month additional support over voxer.

This voxer support includes additional embodiment practices for continued expansion & integration, personalized coaching & support for anything that comes up, curated journaling prompts to expand and integrate you into where you’re evolving next, and an ending celebration acknowledgment. A full 30 days of voxer coaching support as you head into your new journey.

$5000 PAY HERE.

❤️ Option 2: Immersion with 1 week additional support over voxer.

This voxer support includes additional embodiment practices for continued expansion & integration, personalized coaching & support for anything that comes up, curated journaling prompts to expand and integrate you into where you’re evolving next. $2500 PAY HERE.

 ❤️ Option 3: Immersion with additional embodiment practices for continued expansion & integration you'll receive within 72 hrs of the experience and curated journaling practices for you to self pace as you continue the journey beautifully in your own timing. $1500 PAY HERE.


If you require a payment plan please contact me to discuss options or have any questions: [email protected]

Whether or not you are current client of mine, this offering isn't like any other offering I have. 

You know if this is for you. 


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Due to the nature of this container there are no refunds under any circumstances.