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The Year of You 2023 monthly option

Imagine for a moment what your life would be like if you...

Dropped the biggest stories that have always held you back & had the freedom in your life to create anything?

Stepped out of imposter syndrome and into fully BEING you and the ease of living that would open in all areas?

Completely trusted life and yourself as you make bold & courageous choices towards your deepest desires

Fully embodied your personal power, head tripping and flip flopping with your choices are a thing of the past as resistance is gone

Knew that each moment was supported by the Universe and it was truly your time to thrive as only you can?


See 2020 brought MASSIVE change.

And 2021-2022 has been setting the stage for what’s being ushered in…


The era of YOU.

What if 2023 is a time to step fully into living as a full on YES to you?

To your desires…

To making your dreams happen in real life…not just in your mind.

To the fullest expression of who you desire to be.

And living beyond any limitation that has previously held you back.

This is beyond the “I have to work hard to change my limitations.” 

This is the “I claim what’s mine and now I’m going for it.”

An evolution where it’s time to go beyond where you’ve been, fully walking in self leadership, saying YES to all of your dreams, 

2023 is all about YOU.


 2023 begins a new era for you, if you claim it.

There’s new energies available to you unlike before,

New dreams that will be calling to only you,

New desires that will be created through you,

And the full support of the Universe now more than ever if you say one magical word...


Is The Year of You...for you?

👉🏼 You're craving self leadership and discovering what's possible for you to create...beyond anything you've created. 

👉🏼 You're ready to drop the illusions that have been running your life and step into what's TRUE for you, so you're actually co-creating with the Universe with ease.

👉🏼 You're ready to claim & live as the unique greatness of you and are ready to let go of anywhere you hid behind smallness.

👉🏼 You're truly ready to be free from the narrative that has always limited you...and you're hungry to be freely you in brand new ways you can't expect.

👉🏼 You're ready to feel like everything is actually working in your favor no matter what curveballs life has for you.

👉🏼 You're done wasting your energy on anything and you're ready to live in a new space of freedom that very few have. 

👉🏼 You're craving to know what it's like to live without resistance, overthinking, doubt, and are ready to create & manifest more than you ever have.

👉🏼 You're bored with the daily goal-setting & ready to step into the game of legacy & leadership.

👉🏼 You're ready to exponentialize what IS working for you and take it into a whole new space of what's possible.

👉🏼 You're tired of forcing anything and are ready to surrender to the greatness & possibilities that the Universe so desires to deliver to you.

👉🏼 You're ready to surprise even yourself...with your own magic, miracles, & possibilities. 

The year of you is for you brave, courageous, demanding beings who are excited to walk with others into the unknown of what’s next, while fully claiming your self leadership, self trust, and creatorship of your entire reality.

If this is a YES, come join us inside. 

What's Inside...

 Two LIVE group coaching calls per month with hot seat coaching, replays included

 Private members only facebook & telegram group for  Q&A, real time coaching, support & celebration in between calls

 Bonus audios & livestreams with energetic updates to keep you on the cutting edge of creation & what's possible for you

 Special private promotional discounts for other offerings throughout the year